Clotilde de Cacqueray

"I believe that you always have a choice in any situation and that the more you are connected to your values and core strengths, the more you will respond to a situation positively and effectively instead of react to it , and more generally build a meaningful and positive approach to life."

I was anxious at the beginning of the process, unsure what could be achieved within four sessions and how effective it would be long term. These thoughts quickly disappeared during my first session and never resurfaced again.

Clotilde listens with all her senses and I felt this strongly from the way that she was always fully present during the sessions. She would often reflect back what I had said so as to check her understanding and the metaphors she used were always spot on and helped in exactly the way I needed. Clotilde’s use of exercises and techniques gave me a strong practical experience that was firmly rooted within the sessions.  This took me out of my comfort zone and at first I did not feel completely comfortable or on board. However, what I did have was confidence and trust in Clotilde and because of this I was prepared to try and it was one of the best things I ever did.

The exercises and techniques engaged a different part of my brain, a more creative and practical side. I soon found that I was able to practice what I was learning and to see the real difference it was making each day in my life.  I have gained more than I ever expected and the things I have learnt have become like an internal compass for me with the arrow always bringing me back to the present. No matter what happened during the session and in between, whether I thought of the past or the future, I always found myself facing the present again. This was a real first for me and something that I value greatly.


Coaching enabled me to look at areas of my life in a new light. It helped me to appreciate what I alreday have and clarify what my goals were.Through the guidance of my life coach, I gained a feeling of being more in control of my life and going in the direction I want it to. It was a great experience from which I gain valuable tools for moving forward and gave me more faith in my abilities.


Clotilde helps me come to conclusions that are constructive


I have gained confidence in myself and began to work towards the goals which Clotilde helped me clearly define


My session with Clotilde was a very valuable and thorough assessment of where I am in my present life and what my aspirations are. The session allowed me to take the time to reflect on each area of my life and to take an objective view of how I feel I am performing. Thanks to Clotilde and her professional yet very comfortable approach, I came out of my session feeling inspired and positive about my faith in my inner strength.

A must have’ LIFE M.O.T’ session that everyone should take with Clotilde to find inspiration, inner peace and a path towards a more fulfilled and balanced life..


If you are struggling with getting something done or moving things forward in your life I would highly recommend a coaching session with Clotilde. She really gives you the space to work through your ideas and helps you work out solutions by guiding you to take an objective look at your situation. I came away with a really clear idea of what steps I could take in the following days and weeks to get closer to achieving my goal. Thank you Clotilde it was a really positive experience!


Clotilde is very good, she listens and works with you. Coaching has made me more confident


I look forward to my coaching sessions because when I leave, I feel empowered


Clotilde really helps me to think “outside of the box”. She knows how to listen and has a good knack of putting my thoughts and feelings into perspective


A 1-1 session with Clothilde helped me to step back and look at my life objectively and to see what was missing or being missed out. t’s about enabling, facilitating oneself to make the changes one wants to see!


I used the techniques that we went through in my job interview and I think that is why I got it. Sharing my passions. The job is going great and I feel more fulfilled in my life


My head was everywhere, not knowing what to do and what to focus on, very confused. Now I know exactly what I want to study and what to focus on


I have been able to find different ways to deal with my anxiety and worries that were keeping me up in the night or depressing me. Life coaching can help to put your life into perspective by helping you focus on the positive side and what you can do


I certainly feel more in control when I come out of sessions, armed with things to do! I also feel very positive.


Clotilde is very real and very sensitive when challenging, I am very comfortable sharing with her and being challenged by her