My Approach

What do I do?

I give a breathing space to individuals who are not in need of a therapy, but of a place to explore their feelings and thoughts in order to increase their choices for now and the future .

I provide the positive reflective environment in which to reflect, to explore new possibilities and increase awareness. A time to be fully yourself, to believe in you and to appreciate who you are. You will brainstorm, evaluate, simulate, challenge yourself,  imagine, clarify, in a safe and empathetic environment.

Coaching does not look for the reasons why you are doing things the way you are, does not put the blame on one or another, or search for justifications, but helps you move forward with what you have.

I am especially interested in accompanying teenagers and young adults in their search for identity, helping them foster a healthy self esteem and evaluate what serve them or not.

I am also helping adults evaluate what they value and what is their personal mission when they reach a moment of self doubt and reassessment in the middle of their life.

Above all else, I am interested in the personal quest for a meaningful life where choices are aligned with individual talents.

I will soon offer workshops on growing in self-esteem.

Who do I work with?

Individuals who

  • need to reconnect with themselves
  • have lost clarity
  • have a need for a break in a busy life


How do I do it?

I provide a non-judgemental environment in which you will be accompanied, listened to, challenged and affirmed while receiving feedback and doing practical exercises where appropriate and acceptable.

I have the questions, you have the answers.

We will take the critical matter to task and work together over several sessions (between 3 to 10 on average) to achieve a positive outcome for you. You expect a fair amount of reflection and specific actions in-between two sessions.


What are the benefits?

You will feel revitalised and gain a sense of direction and confidence if you are committed to acting on your life choices decisions and learning form them.

More generally , you may feel better equipped into future to

  • sharper thinking
  • better decision-making
  • increase in confidence
  • more skilful in different life situations
  • experiencing yourself as a whole being
  • enjoying the present

Clotilde de Cacqueray

"I am passionate about personal growth and enjoy helping my clients tap into their own resources to move forward."