About Me

I am passionate about personal growth and enjoy helping my clients tap into their own resources to move forward.

I taught for ten years and then brought up my children. I have experienced both as a teacher and as a parent how much each person is unique, with his/her own personality and need to be heard and supported in a specific way.

After this break, I retrained and received a Graduate Diploma in Psychology- I am a Graduate Member of The British Psycological Society-, followed by a training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and in Coaching Psychology (Post Graduate Diploma). As a native French speaker, it has been both a challenge and a personal achievement to study in a foreign language and with a completely different cultural approach. It made me realise that if you really want something , look clearly at what you need to move forward,  and put your mind into it, then you can reach your goal.

I am a coach for Youth at Risk, helping young people who have difficulties achieving because of relationships issues, bullying, lack of organisation or motivation. As a volunteer with Equinox in Ealing, I have also coached adults who were refocusing their lives, and I am currently coaching in a refuge and in a private practice.

I am very interested in the connection between the mind and the body and may use  breathing techniques as well a some NLP tools if you are open to it.

I believe that you always have a choice in any situation and that the more you are connected to your values and core strengths, the more you will respond to a situation positively and effectively instead of react to it , and more generally build a meaningful and positive approach to life.

Clotilde de Cacqueray

"I am passionate about personal growth and enjoy helping my clients tap into their own resources to move forward."